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"...Honeybadger is about to make waves...10/10"

- Monster Riff





Honeybadger is a heavy, desert rock band with four members from Athens, Greece.

Influenced by bands like Monster Magnet, Queens of the Stone Age, Clutch, Truckfighters, amongst others, they formed in 2014 and achieved local success in their home city, Athens.

January 2017: First ever Honeybadger release was "The Rain", their first EP. It consists of four tracks and was recorded at Moth Studio Productions in Athens, Greece by John Tsiakopoulos and mastered by John Methenitis.

December 2019:  Release of "That Feel",  the first single from their upcoming full album named "Pleasure Delayer".

April 2020: Release of "The Wolf",  the second single from the aforementioned full album.

Both singles were mainly recorded at Suono Studios in Athens, Greece by Alex Bolpasis and mastered by Nick Townsend in US, California.

The band has a rather rich and successful local live and festival history in their first years alongside successful and acknowledged Greek bands of the heavy, desert scene like Nightstalker, Planet of Zeus and many others.

Honeybadger are:

Dimitris Vardoulakis: Vocals, Guitars

Dimitris Giannnakopoulos: Guitars

Dimitris Yannopoulos: Bass

Vaggelis Oikonomou: Drums







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"THE RAIN" EP 2017


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All time Credits:
The Rain EP: 

Recordings, Production: John Tsiakopoulos, Mothstudio Productions
Mastering: Marios Methenitis, loud monster mastering
Artwork: Bassment rats

Pleasure Delayer singles and album: 
Produced by Alex Bolpasis and Honeybadger. 
Recorded and Mixed by Alex Bolpasis at Suono Studio
Drums Recorded by Nick Dimitrakakos and John Nikolakopoulos at Unreal Studios

mastering by Nick Townsend from townsend mastering, US, California  
“Pleasure Delayer” Cover and “The Wolf” cover designed by A.D. Visions (
“That Feel” artwork cover and the video was created and animated by Kanaris Kostopoulos

the backround video of the page is a segment from the full lyric video of “That feel”  created by Kanaris Kostopoulos.

photos by c.alossi photography

Rehearsal studio: the warehouse music studios   
Merch Printed in Heartbomb Custom Screenprints

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